Gail Whiteman, Al Gore, Konrad Steffen and Jeremy Wilkinson

Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2017


The first Arctic Basecamp at Davos took place on 18th Jan 2017 and was a formal Arctic science summit, bringing business and civil society leaders, politicians, scientists and policy makers together.

The Arctic Basecamp at Davos concept was created by Pentland Centre Director Gail Whiteman, and the first event was co-organised with Jeremy Wilkinson (British Antarctic Survey), Konrad Steffen (WSL, Switzerland) and Jürg Schweizer (WSL/SLF, Switzerland) in order to bring this message to global leaders and influencers at the World Economic Forum 2017. Arctic Basecamp called for action from global leaders to apply the 2017 Davos theme, Responsive and Responsible Leadership, to address global risks from Arctic change.

‌You can read the series of blogs we wrote for the World Economic Forum on Arctic Science and the Arctic Basecamp by clicking on the links below:

You can download the official event summary here: ABCD 2017 Summary