Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2019


Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2019 was made possible with the financial support of the Fort Foundation. 

The third Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2019 took place during the World Economic Forum Annual Summit 22-25 January 2019.

Arctic scientists, global business leaders, policymakers, innovators and disruptors came together for a series of events, debates and discussions on the canary in the coal mine for global risk - the Arctic.

Thank you to all speakers and participants who made it such a successful event!

See the Speaker's List for Arctic Basecamp at Davos 2019. The event schedule can be downloaded from here: Arctic Basecamp 2019 Event Summary Update.

Read our blogs ‌for the World Economic Forum on Arctic Science by clicking on the links below:

You can download the official event summary here ABCD 2019 Summary.