Abstract: Soils are the foundations for life. Soils provide the vast majority of our food, they provide fibres that clothe us and play an increasingly important role in meeting our energy needs (i.e. biocrops). Soils filter and regulate flows of freshwater and are an important store of carbon in our earth system. They also support a huge wealth of biodiversity and are crucial to ecosystem functioning. As such, soil sustainability is key to the future of our ecosystems, climate, communities and economies. However, soils are increasingly under threat from land use and management pressures and changing climate. These multiple soil functions and multiple soil threats - in addition to the fact that soil itself emerges from the interaction of biology, chemistry and physics - makes soil sustainability an interdisciplinary challenge.

Jess Davies is a new lecturer at the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business. Her research aims to advance our understanding of the sustainability of soils and the multiple services they provide, and she is interested in finding new ways of integrating this knowledge into decision-making. In this seminar, Jess will give a brief introduction to her research before opening up the seminar to a broader discussion on soil, its importance to society, and the potential for bringing together different perspectives and knowledge in attaining soil sustainability.


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If you are planning to attend please let d.oreilly@lancaster.ac.uk know so we can ensure the room is of sufficient size.


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