Melting ice in the Arctic

Global ecosystem risks

Arctic ice melt could potentially trigger significant changes in global and regional economies, as well as having a drastic effect on the global climate.

This research theme examines the complex ecological and systemic foundations of sustainability and identifying global risk.

Recent work includes ICE-ARC, a four-year €11.5M interdisciplinary project to understand and quantify the multiple risks arising from changes in the Arctic marine environment. To date, most discussions about the economic implications of a warming Arctic have focussed on benefits to the region, with increased oil-and-gas drilling and the opening up of new shipping routes. However, little is know about the potential global economic impact. For an overview of the main issues concerning modelling the costs and risks of climate change, see this presentation by Dr Dmitry Yumashev.

We are developing work with Data Science colleagues around air quality, leveraging cloud computing to support environmental science in new ways, and making environmental models more accessible.

Key researchers

  • Professor Whiteman
  • Dr Dmitry Yumashev
  • Dr Paul Young
  • Jimena Alvarez