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Supply chain sustainability

All products come from somewhere, and carry explicit social, environmental and economic impacts. Yet for most consumers and business-to-business buyers, the complexities of global supply chains make it difficult to identify the sustainability of the products they purchase. 

This research stream considers the realities of global supply chains, and attempts to identify key success factors and the roots of ongoing systemic problems. 

Current focus areas include: global supply chains and China, working in a variety of industry sectors and supplier training and development for sustainability with a major electronics multinational; and modern slavery, working with Pentland Brands on due diligence in response to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, including developing a modern slavery risk assessment tool, and in a modern slavery audit in Asia, which will lead to development of a protocol for future audits.

Key researchers: Dr Lingxuan Liu, Dr. Ben Neimark, Amy Benstead  


[Image courtesy of Pentland]