Sustainable Lifestyles and Cities

Companies have an integral role to play in the transition towards sustainable cities.

A city is a complex system containing both social and ecological processes.  Given increasing pressures from these dynamics, cities need to be resilient to shocks – and have the ability to bounce back and thrive even in the face of rapid social and ecological change. Cities are thus highly dependent on an interconnected, global network supplying materials, information, financial capital, and ecosystem services. Actions to reduce urban CO2 emissions, deal with ongoing water stresses and fight social inequalities are critical, yet do not occur in isolation.

Research activity includes a €3M ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions towards Sustainability) project to benefit policy, practice and theory related to accelerating sustainability transitions, and create opportunities for innovation in European city-regions (see webinars below), and PhD research into understanding the drivers of change in organic matter and carbon in urban soils.

Key researchers: Professor Whiteman, Dr. Jess Davies, Roisin O’Riordan