Electrical waste

Waste and the circular economy

As consumer demands grow for products and services so to do the demands for natural and material resources.  Business models premised on extractive practices of ‘take, make, and dispose’ are contributing to significant environmental degradation.

This research area considers the social and business perspectives of waste, particularly the role that the circular economy can play. This proposed business solution is aimed at transforming industrial operations by keeping products and materials in circulation for as long as possible, eliminating waste, and adopting greener energy in the production processes.

Current areas of work include

Key researchers

[Image at top of page taken in Accra, Ghana. From L-R: Karim Saagbul from WEIGO, Dr Alison Stowell, and Divine Dekonor and Johnson Doe from Kpone Landfill Waste Pickers Association. Used with permission of Karim Saagbul]