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Our members' research supports all aspects of sustainability in business, including these themes:

  • Research that takes a whole system perspective of a sustainability challenge and developing business and management insights to address the problem.
  • Research that considers the information needed to support organisations and stakeholders who are seeking to incorporate sustainability considerations into their decision-making, with a focus on financial markets.
  • Research that addresses the particular challenges of social sustainability, especially how to ensure workers are protected in long and complex supply chains.
  • Research that sheds light on business practices, such as strategies in family-owned firms or the role of leadership in responsible business, that are critical for advancing sustainability.

Educating business professionals to be a force for good and for change is also a key part of the Pentland Centre's mission.

Below, you can find links to more information about our different research themes, a link to our Transforming Tomorrow research and impact digest, and a series of videos delving into members' research.

Transforming Tomorrow. A Pentland Centre Research and Impact Digest, 2023.

Transforming Tomorrow

At the end of 2022 we reflected on the research and other activities undertaken by our members, and how this links to wider institutional work around sustainability. 'Transforming Tomorrow' showcases the range of our members' work, the impact it is having, and sketches out future direction of travel.

Read Transforming Tomorrow online

Research videos

Fashion's Gender Inequality Problem

Pentland Centre member Ophelia Chidgey's research looks at how the fashion industry relies on women for its success, but fails them within its own walls.

Read more on members' research on social sustainability challenges

Ocean stewardship

Centre Director Jan Bebbington talks about her work with the SeaBOS initiative, bringing together 10 of the largest seafood-producing corporations in the world with academics that range from ecologists to accountants, to champion ocean sustainability.

Find out more about research on ocean stewardship

Our contribution to LUMS research excellence

In this short video, Centre Director Jan Bebbington talks about how our research contributes to Lancaster University Management School research excellence.

LUMS Multidisciplinary Research

This video spotlights several researchers within Lancaster University Management School who carry out multidisciplinary research, including Pentland Centre members Jan Bebbington, Steve Young, Linda Hendry and Alison Stowell.