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Science-based targets for action

Science-based targets for action

Research indicates that the growing instability of our planet’s ecological system poses an existential threat to humanity.

This research theme seeks to develop and package the best science to define targets for how businesses and markets can improve their sustainability efforts. We work closely with leading companies, and with environmental and data scientists from across the university and internationally.

Current activity includes:

  • A new £3.4M, EPSRC-funded project, Data Science of the Natural Environment (DSNE), uses data science techniques to make better use of environmental models to assist in decision making. The Air Quality Theme of DSNE is led by Dr Paul Young, who is working with the DSNE team to develop techniques to understand the role that climate change may have on future air quality extremes, and how this may be mitigated by policy decisions to address pollution sources.

Previous work includes:

  • Funding from the Natural Environment Research Council, awarded to Professor Jess Davies and Dr Victoria Janes-Bassett (now both part of the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation), enabled a new soil sustainability project in partnership with WBCSD member, Olam International, and collaborated on a Natural Capital Synthesis Report on soil natural capital valuation in agribusinesses, which was officially launched in Autumn 2018.
  • Former Centre Director Professor Gail Whiteman co-authored a number of high profile Nature Comment papers with Christiana Figueres (Mission2020, former Executive Secretary of UNFCCC) and business leaders. The most recent was Emissions are still rising: ramp up the cuts.

Science based targets for action - Key researchers

Paul Young

Dr Paul Young

Senior Lecturer

Atmosphere, Climate and Pollution, Centre of Excellence in Environmental Data Science, DSI - Environment, Improving global stewardship, Institute for Social Futures - Leadership Team, Understanding a changing planet

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