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Social sustainability challenges

Social sustainability challenges

Social aspects of sustainability are central to the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals, and social justice concerns infuse all aspects of our work. At the same time, some of our work focuses centrally on social sustainability issues that arise for business organisations.

Selected research in this theme

  • PhD candidate Ophelia Chidgey combines her background in politics and human rights with supply chain and management science to conduct interdisciplinary research into how different political and regulatory environments affect corporate social responsibility initiatives' abilities to protect human rights, and reduce their abuses, within the supply chains of the garment industry.
  • Meng Jia is a PhD candidate with a research interest in looking at how sustainable sustainability-oriented supplier development (SSD) initiatives work to improve the sustainability performance and capability at supplier side in multi-tier supply chains, including the diffusion of social SSD further up the supply chain, and the learning processes at the supplier side during SSD.
  • Professor Mark Stevenson conducts research into socially sustainable supply chain management. This includes work on the diffusion of socially sustainable practices to the upper tiers of supply chains and the actions firms can take to detect and remediate modern slavery risks to supply chains.
  • Professor Linda Hendry researches socially sustainable supply chain management, with ongoing work on approaches needed to address the global issue of modern slavery in the supply chain.
  • Dr Lucia Cervi’s research focuses on social aspects of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and their intersections with the neoliberal and the political. Current projects examine a variety of issues, such as the intersection of gender and reproductive rights in the UK fertility sector, the social implications of big tech’s (un)ethical practices, and SDGs implementation in SMEs.

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