What is the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business?

Science warns of the growing need to deal boldly and systematically with complex, social and environmental challenges on a grand, planetary scale. 

An increasingly urgent question is facing businesses across the world; how can we scale up business and management solutions for sustainability and ethical supply chains?

The vision of the Pentland Centre is to create a world-class hub for transdisciplinary research on sustainability. The Centre will explore macro trends, particularly in environmental sustainability, ethical trade, human rights, and how business can be a force for good.

We look at corporate responsibility, on what it needs to become today and how to realise this in a thriving twenty-first century business.

Professor Gail Whiteman says: “How to get the boardroom to make radical changes in its approach to social issues and the environment is the really big question.

“The Pentland Centre is trying to help businesses understand the environmental and ethical impacts of their supply chains – Pentland was an early mover on this.

“My over-riding mission has to be to link the best minds in science, the best minds in business and local people to help deliver positive change. It is about boiling down the messages to make the science more understandable for leaders in business.

“The messages need to tie in with their economic motivations as well. We are living in a market-based world. It has to be about offering solutions, not just criticisms.

“Our role is to support those businesses that are already convinced that climate change is an issue. We can provide the most progressive companies with the knowledge and solutions to support what they are doing.”

Drawing on expertise from across the university, including the Lancaster University Management School and the Lancaster Environment Centre, the Centre acts as a hub that brings together the latest global views from across academic disciplines and engages directly with leading companies and organisations, including the Pentland Group and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). We hope to help businesses develop opportunities, understand risks and challenge the status quo.