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The Team

The Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business draws on expertise from across different disciplines. 

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Gail Whiteman is the Rubin Chair and Director of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business at Lancaster University, UK and Professor-in-Residence at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

‌‌Her research analyses how actors make sense of complex problems and build resilience across scales given environmental pressures and social inequities. In collaboration with British Antarctic Survey, she is also the creator of the Arctic Basecamp at Davos, an innovative science communication and outreach event that calls for action from global leaders to address global risks from Arctic change.

She serves on numerous academic advisory boards and has over sixty peer-reviewed scientific publications in the Academy of Management Journal, Nature, Climatic Change, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Ecology & Society, among others. She has recently co-authored an impactful essay with Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, and leading scientists: “Three years to safeguard our climate”, Nature 546, 593-595 (29th June 2017).

Team Members

Members of the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business team.

Gail Whiteman

Centre Director and Rubin Chair in Sustainability in Business


Paul Young

Associate Director

Benjamin Neimark

Associate Director of Engagement

Alison Stowell

Associate Director, Corporate Relations

Jeffrey Unerman

Associate Director, Faculty Engagement

Lingxuan Liu

50th Anniversary Lecturer in Sustainability

Jessica Davies

Senior Lecturer in Sustainability


Dmitry Yumashev

Senior Research Associate

Patrick Bigger

Lecturer of Human Geography


Victoria Janes-Bassett

Senior Research Associate

Lael Walsh

Research Associate

Di Wang

Lecturer in Accounting

Mustafa Ali

Research Associate

Stacia Stetkiewicz

Senior Research Associate

Jonathan Menary

Senior Research Associate

Desna Mackenzie

Centre Co-ordinator

Helen Clay

Marketing, Communications & Design Assistant - Arctic Basecamp at Davos

Rodney Irwin

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Andrea Brown

Honorary Teaching Fellow (Circular Economy)

Nadine Andrews

Visiting Researcher

PhD Candidates

Katre Leino

PhD Candidate

Jimena Alvarez

 PhD Candidate

Marta Ferri

PhD Candidate

Jing Zhang

PhD Candidate

Pentland Centre Student Champions

Student volunteers who work with our academic staff to support our activities and research.

Sharlene Gandhi

Pentland Centre Alumnus Champion 2018-20

Freya Oxton-Grant

Pentland Centre Student Champion 2019-20

Lisbeth Gärtner

Pentland Centre Student Champion 2019-20

Lottie Gregory

Pentland Centre Student Champion 2019-20


Academics who work with us.

Kevin Jones

Director of the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC)

Harry Hoster

Professor and Director of Energy Lancaster

Mark Shackleton

Professor of Finance

Mark Stevenson

Professor of Operations Management

Linda Hendry

Professor of Operations Management

Andrew Jarvis

Lecturer at the Lancaster Environment Centre

Amy Benstead

Lecturer in Fashion Management, School of Materials, Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Manchester

Darren Axe

Green Lancaster / LUSU