Professor Adrian Friday

Head of Department, Professor of Computing and Sustainability

Research Overview

Adrian Friday is Professor of Computing and Sustainability, and Head of School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University. He has an extensive track record of developing and studying infrastructure for real world ubiquitous systems, from the early origins of mobile computing in the 1990s through to his longitudinal ’in the wild’ studies of open public display networks. His recent work has focused on conducting field experiments of ubiquitous systems to understand energy demand in the home, leading a series of collaborative and multidisciplinary research programmes in this area. Recent examples include: fine-grained accounting for energy use in the home (EP/I00033X/1); new algorithms for achieving thermal comfort using less energy; systems for promoting more sustainable food shopping (EP/K012738/1); and advancing sustainable transport infrastructure maintenance (EP/K012614/1, with Carillion PLC). In the last 2 years this work has led to 9 publications in 3-4* venues: 6 in CHI, 1 in ICSE, 2 in Ubicomp and won a CHI best paper award (top 1% of submissions).

If you're interested in the systems or human factors concerning ubicomp, energy demand or computational sustainability, please do make contact. We're always looking for talented potential PhD students and RAs to join our team.

Selected Publications

Accounting for Energy-Reliant Services within Everyday Life at Home
Bates, O., Clear, A., Friday, A., Hazas, M., Morley, J. 18/06/2012
Conference contribution/Paper

Ubiquitous Computing Systems
Bardram, J., Friday, A. 2009 In: Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals. CRC Press p. 37-94. 58 p. ISBN: 978-1-4200-9360-5.

Democratizing ubiquitous computing: a right for locality
Weise, S., Hardy, J., Agarwal, P., Coulton, P., Friday, A., Chiasson, M. 2012
Conference contribution/Paper

Ubicomp systems at 20: progress, opportunities, and challenges
Caceres, R., Friday, A. 01/2012 In: IEEE Pervasive Computing. 11, 1, p. 14-21. 8 p.
Journal article

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