Dr Christopher Bull

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

I am interested in the sensing, understanding, and actioning of digital health data to radically transform how people live their lives. My research interests lie in designing, developing, and evaluating secure health informatics and cybernetics platforms and ecosystem elements as a digital health infrastructure. This includes healthcare technologies (including assistive and diagnostic systems) for healthy ageing, mental health, and healthcare professionals using digital sensing, IoT, and mobile devices. I use co-design/creation methods to create solutions applicable to patients, service users, and health professionals. I have an interest in ethical challenges of healthcare technologies and applying mixed methods to complex problems.

Suicide Prevention using Analytics and Cybernetics Elements
01/10/2018 → …

Goshna: Accessible Airport Announcements for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing
01/08/2018 → …

Mobile Age
01/02/2016 → 31/01/2019

Software Architecture for Mental health Self management
01/04/2013 → 30/09/2016

Health Behavior Change
01/01/1900 → …

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