Dr Emily Spiers

Lecturer in Creative Futures

Research Overview

Emily Spiers is Lecturer in Creative Futures. Her work focuses on future-oriented, innovative trends in communicative and literary practices, and explores how preferable futures are being envisaged, anticipated and made through art and literature.

Her research into authorship focuses on spoken-word poetry as an aesthetic and political practice, and as a world literary phenomenon. Underpinning her work is the question of how authors ‘embody’ literature, in their performances, biographical person and their literary texts. She also investigates the ways in which performances become circulated digitally within and across cultural contexts, either by artists seeking alternative methods of dissemination that confound the economics of the publishing and music industries, or by fan communities.

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"There's no lobby for girls in pop": writing the performative pop-feminist subject
Spiers, E. 04/2015 In: German pop literature. Berlin : De Gruyter
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

The long march through the institutions: from Alice Schwarzer to pop-feminism and the new German girls
Spiers, E. 03/2014 In: Oxford German Studies. 43, 1, p. 69-88. 20 p.
Journal article

"Alpha-Maedchen sind wir alle": subjectivity, agency and solidarity in Anglo-American and German pop-feminist writing
Spiers, E. 2012 In: Angermion: Yearbook for Anglo-German Literary Criticism, Intellectual History and Cultural Transfers. 5, p. 191-218. 29 p.
Journal article

Graphic Futures
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Stories in Dialogue
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Cultural Literacy and Social Futures
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The Author and the world: New interdisciplinary approaches to authorship
06/01/2014 → 05/01/2016

Storytelling and Global Futures
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Translating Practices: Languages and Translation in Higher Education from a Cross-cultural Perspective
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Writing as a material practice
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Locating Creation
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Cultural Literacy in Europe
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Culture and the Future
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Screening the literary
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