Dr Emily Winter

Research Associate


My primary interest is in human values- what matters to people, and why, and how we can study this. I am currently a Research Associate on the Values-First Software Engineering project (EPSRC-funded) led by Dr Maria Angela Ferrario. The project is exploring the values that guide software engineering processes, and developing tools and methods to study them. For more information see: http://www.valuesincomputing.org/

I was previously a Research Associate on the iGen Project (Lancaster University and Stanford University), which explored the values, forms of belonging and sources of meaning of the so-called iGen (those born after 1995). My PhD (Lancaster University) considered the young adult engagement strategies of Christian social action groups in the UK, investigating the values to which these groups attempted to appeal.

My research interests include: Human Computer Interaction; technology and society; social media; human values; transhumanism; Artificial Intelligence; qualitative research methods; and social psychology. I also have ongoing interest in the intersections between religion, politics, class and gender.

I am a member of the Software Engineering research group in SCC- and really enjoy discussions considering both the technical and human aspects of software development.