Professor Linda Woodhead

Distinguished Professor


I study and write about what matters to people and how we make life meaningful – individually and collectively. Religion is an obvious place to look and I have written widely on that topic, but I am also interested in culture, values and beliefs more broadly.

My current research is on the rise of ‘no religion’ and implications for state-religion relations, education (e.g. RE) and society more generally. I am interested in how organised religion responds, and in the new beliefs and rituals which are taking the place or modifying a Christian legacy. I am also researching beliefs, and practices amongst the digital in the USA and UK, and how they build solidarities on and offline. This last project is with Stanford Univesity, USA.

Religion and Society Programme: Continuing Public Engagement 2012 - 2015
01/01/2013 → 31/12/2015

Youth phase impact activities: Religion & Society
01/10/2009 → 30/06/2013

Extension: Religion & Society Programme Youth Call
01/01/2008 → …

Religion and Society Programme
01/01/2007 → 31/12/2012

FP6: VEIL Project
01/03/2006 → 28/02/2009

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