Nicola Pugh

PhD student, Associate Lecturer

Research Overview

Prior to joining Lancaster University I spent 15 years as a practicing artist with an emphasis on participatory, enquiry led projects typically investigating people and place (how we perceive our surroundings; how we move through our surroundings; how we interact with our surroundings...). Working in the area of Art & Mobilities, I'm currently researching the conversation spaces around under-represented and marginalised experiences of cycling. In particular I'm interested in the interactions that come from engaging with the materiality of cycle repair in communal, convivial settings.I am developing bike hub activities for women/trans/non-binary people as a site for questioning what happens when you put other types of velomobilites centre stage ( and am also investigating the Raleigh Wisp mixte frame bicycle of the mid 1980s as a lens through which to explore how assemblages of bike, body and environment are co-constructed over time.