Dr Sam Clark


Research Interests

I am interested in the self; in good and bad lives it might lead; in its reflexive powers and practices; in the roles of experience, reflection, and institutions in its development and success; and in how to do philosophy so as to advance our understanding of these issues.

These interests have lead me to think, write, and teach about capitalism and anarchism; utopias, dialogues, and autobiographies; well-being, pleasure, and self-realization; self-knowledge, self-interpretation, and self-command; the lives and experiences of monks, soldiers, hermits, and solo travellers; and the transformative effects of work and war.

My current work is philosophy of and through autobiography, and as part of it I have published articles in journals including Inquiry, Ratio, Res Publica, and The Journal of Applied Philosophy, and in the Blackwell Companion to John Stuart Mill. I am currently writing a book about autobiography, narrative, and self-realization, under the working title Good Lives: see https://goodlivesbook.wordpress.com/

Military Lives and Transformative Experiences: Exploring narratives and veterans' well-being
01/10/2017 → 30/09/2019

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