Dr Sanaa Alsarghali

Teaching Fellow


Sanaa Alsarghali is a PhD student at Lancaster University/ UK, she also holds an LLM from Durham University/UK and BA in Law from An-Najah University/Palestine.

Sanaa was awarded a full scholarship from An-Najah University to study constitutional Law in order to participate in the constitutional building in Palestine after her return. Her PhD thesis focuses on the presidential concentration of powers within the Palestinian Basic Law. Sanaa will be the first female holding a PhD in constitutional Law in Palestine. She is a strong believer of the need for an active constitutional court in Palestine that could guarantee the application of any future suggestions related to the Basic Law or the future constitution. Sanaa presented different papers related to her PhD in Oslo, Dubai, Athens and the UK. Two of her papers will be published by the end of this year.

Sanaa is an Annenberg Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute’s alumni. She is an active member in TAM, an NGO that intends to change the stereotypical image of the Palestinian women in the Media.Previously, she worked as a TV presenter in Al Fajer TV local station.Her social and political talk show 'Tam Time' was screened on the Palestinian National TV for two years. Sanaa also helped in producing several documentary movies that focus on the protection of social rights.

  • CILHR Centre for International Law and Human Rights