Dr Timothy Douglas

Lecturer in Bio-Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

I work on the development of biomaterials to support tissue regeneration, in particular hard tissue regeneration (bone). Such biomaterials are implanted into tissue defects, which can occur as a result of injury or tumor resection.

In particular, I focus on composite biomaterials, namely mineralized hydrogels, in order to combine the positive characteristics of the mineral phase (mechanical strength, ability to support bone regeneration) with the positive characteristics of the hydrogel phase (ease of incorporation of biologically active substances, such as enzymes and antibacterial agents).

I am interested in endowing biomaterials with antibacterial activity to prevent infection during implantation, which is becoming increasingly important given the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

I am also interested in biomaterial coatings and the use of substances from the food industry in biomaterial development.

I have published over 70 A1 publications relating to biomaterials for bone contact with an extensive network of international collaborators.