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PFE And The Year 2000

Will PFE explode in the year 2000? Will it delete all your files, grind the surface of your hard disk to a fine brown dust that trickles ominously onto the floor? Will it put your processor into an n-th complexity binary loop curable only by reading a "Good Times" e-mail message?

Probably not.

I'm not aware of any Year 2000 issues affecting PFE. It doesn't use any date strings internally, and the only date/time handling it does is to compare the timestamps on files to see if someone else has changed them, and here it uses whatever time values your operating system supplies as binary bit-patterns without interpretation.

If you do find a Year 2000 issue affecting PFE, please let me know and I'll work a fix into whatever release I'm generating at the time. If you're a commercial company, please don't ask me to fill in any questionnaires or send off any statements of compliance - this is FreeWare, after all!

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