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I am currently a third year PhD student at the Statistics and Operational Research DTC at Lancaster University. See below for info.


My research lies in the time series area of statistics. In particular, the development of methods to deal with non-stationary time series. If you are interested in any collaborations, then please contact me.

Current Projects

Forecasting changepointsChangepoint detection and forecasting are, separately, two well established research areas. However, literature focusing on the prediction, or forecasting, of changepoints is quite limited.
Detecting changes in autocovariancePeople often assume, in practise, that their data is second order stationary. However, this may not be the case. I develop methods which can accurately and quickly find changes in the second order structure of data.
Work Experience

PhD Related

Here are some of the projects I have undertaken which are not funded by my PhD, but involved applying statistical methods.
ForecastingTesco PlcImproving forecasts via the implementation of methods relating to my PhD research.
How Many Vegans?Vegan Society Analysis of survey data and membership data.
GHG EmissionsVegan SocietyComparison of GHG emissions for Vegan and Non-Vegan recipes.

I am also a gratuate teaching assistant (GTA) for undergraduate Mathematics and Management modules.


Surprisingly, there was a time before my PhD. As well as being at school/college whilst studying for my IB Diploma, I did a few other things.
Job RoleCompanyDescription
Customer AdvisorLloyds TSBCashier and Saturday Manager at Lloyds TSB Bank.
Teaching AssistantCity Technology College, KingshurstPrivate tutor and teaching assistant.
Under construction
Under construction
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