Email: j.grant [at]

I am a final year PhD student at the STOR-i CDT at Lancaster University


My research considers online sequential decision making for problems with complex data structures. I am particularly interested in multi-armed bandits, online optimisation, non-parametric Poisson process estimation, and recommender systems.


  • J.A. Grant, A. Boukouvalas, R. Griffiths, D.S. Leslie, S. Vakili, E. Munos de Cote. Adaptive Sensor Placement for Continuous Spaces. Conference Paper in Submission.
  • J.A. Grant, D.S. Leslie, K. Glazebrook, R. Szechtman, A. Letchford. Adaptive Policies for Perimeter Surveillance Problems. Journal Paper in Preparation. [draft: arxiv]
  • J.A. Grant, D.S. Leslie. Posterior Contraction Rates for Gaussian Cox Processes with Non-identically Distributed Data. Journal Paper in Preparation
  • J.A. Grant, D.S. Leslie, K.Glazebrook, R. Szechtman. Combinatorial Bandits with Filtered Feedback. 2017. [arxiv]


This term I am a GTA on MATH235: Statistics II. Students should submit their homework to Box 30 by 5pm on Tuesdays.