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I'm a current PhD student at the STOR-i Centre for Doctoral Training.


About Me & About STOR-i

Academic Background

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I studied at Lancaster University for an MSci in Mathematics from 2011 to 2015. During my degree, I learnt a variety of Statistics and Pure Mathematics. However, it was my particular enjoyment of the statistics modules and the projects centred around real-world problems carried out in the final year that stood out. This, along with my interest in Operational Research (having seen small amounts through various mediums), meant that applying to the STOR-i CDT was a natural choice. I was subsequently delighted to be accepted onto the programme, and started in October 2015.


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The STOR-i (Statistics and Operational Research with industry links) programme is based at Lancaster University and is funded by EPSRC, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The programme, which is jointly run by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Management Science, comprises of 4 years of study, beginning with a 1-year MRes course (which I'm currently studying) that provides a basis of knowledge for Operational Research and Statistics, as well as more general skills for research. This is followed by a 3 year PhD project in STOR, which has a scientific or industrial motivation. More information about STOR-i can be found here.

When I'm Not Studying

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When I get the chance to take a small break from completing work for STOR-i, you're likely to find me either playing my electric guitar or bass guitar (unfortunately with little skill) or just listening to music. Aside from this, I enjoy playing (again with generally low levels of ability, sadly) and watching sports- particularly football - where I follow the (mis)fortunes of Blackburn Rovers and Chesterfield - and tennis, although I'll have a go at most sports. I also go along to the weekly quiz at the White Cross in Lancaster, with some fellow STOR-i students.

My Research


Here's a link to my blog about my research activities during the second of my MRes year at STOR-i.

Research Interests

My area of interest in research is in Extreme Value Theory, in particular looking at spatial extremes - with an interest in both applications and the underlying theory.

My Research

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My PhD project is based on modelling spatial extremes and is supervised by Jonathan Tawn and Jenny Wadsworth at Lancaster University and by Phil Jonathan of Shell, whom the project is in collaboration with. At the core of the project is the modelling of extreme wave heights in the North Sea, as the construction of offshore structures relies upon accurate modelling of these and Extreme Value Theory allows a framework in which to do this.

Considerations that will have to be made will be the effects of direction on wave height (since waves from different directions exhibit different characteristics due to land and meteorological considerations) and modelling how these effects change spatially, whilst also assessing the effect of other covariates on the dependence structure. Furthermore, the effects of assumptions of asymptotic dependence and asymptotic independence on modelling extreme waves will be examined. It may be expected that locations far apart in the North Sea do not see extreme waves occur at the same time (and so are asymptotically independent) whilst the converse is true for nearby locations. Hence, being able to account for both of these occuring within the same spatial setting and attaining accurate models is desired. In addition, methods of inference will be looked at where these may be either problematic in the course of the project or may be improved upon.

Throughout the project, it is anticipated that as well as the direct link into the application, work on theory may be required in order to underpin the above.

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