Brief background

When I'm not in Lancaster I live in a small town in South Northamptonshire.

I attended Magdalen College School where I did A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.


I enjoy doing a range of creative things in my spare time such as card decorating.

I love to sew, mainly cross stitch and dressmaking although I have started to branch out into embroidery. I'm currently sewing a "tapestry" which is actually an embroidery. It's very much a work in progress - part of it that's finished is to the right. It's supposed to be me but my drawing skills could be much better!

I also like baking, particularly eating the results. Sometimes I even decorate my cakes once they're cooked. Above is the cake I decorated for my 21st birthday.

Outside of creative things I enjoy going hill walking so I'm hoping to make the most of closeness the Lake District. I also like reading, especially fantasy and Science Fiction.