Academic background

Undergraduate University

For 4 years I was a student at Durham University. I graduated in 2014 with a Masters of Mathematics or MMath. My college was St Chad's.

STOR-i Summer Internship

In summer 2013 I was a research intern at STOR-i. My project was entitled "Resource Allocation in Service Industries". I was trying to find the best way to assign workers to jobs.

You can read more about it including seeing my poster and presentation slide by clicking here.


STOR-i is a centre for doctoral training specialising in Statistics and Operational Research with particular interest in industry. STOR-i is part of Lancaster University.

The programme I'm on is a 4 year course - the first year is a Masters in Reasearch and then the final 3 years are the PhD. The programme is funded by EPSRC, the UK engineering and the physical sciences research council.

MRes Year

I'm one of 12 MRes students at STOR-i. Our MRes year includes taught modules in Operational Research and Statistics as well as more industry and research focused modules. This enables us to get a better understanding of what next year will be like as well as which areas of research interest us most.

To find out more about the MRes year click here.