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Continuous Professional Development for Teachers

The Lancaster Physics Department collaborates with the IOP North West Stimulating Physics Programme and the Ogden Trust to host regular workshops for Physics Teachers from our local region.

Our Teacher CPD workshops provide a great opportunity for teachers to engage with the physics research being undertaken at Lancaster University, and to meet staff and students from the physics department. The ultimate goal of each workshop is to capture the connections between the A-Level syllabus and research-level physics, and to design new research-based A-Level teaching resources.

Our programme of workshops for the 2019/20 academic year is listed below:

For more information, please contact Phil Furneaux.

Our CPD workshops have enabled teachers and researchers to work together to create a collection of homework activities that schools and colleges can use to support their A-Level courses. These online resources are based on the current research being undertaken in the Lancaster Physics Department, and are designed to enhance the conceptual understanding of physics, as well as broadening knowledge of its applications.

A selection of our homework exercises can be viewed on our Online Resources for Schools webpage.