Study Abroad

Spend a year of your degree studying at an international university.

You will have the opportunity to spend your third year studying abroad at one of our prestigious partner universities. We participate in exchange programmes with universities in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Europe.

The overwhelming majority of our students find studying abroad to be a hugely positive experience. It develops your confidence and self-esteem as you adapt to an entirely new learning environment, it allows you to immerse yourself fully in a new culture and gives you memories and experiences that last a lifetime. In terms of employability, studying abroad will also set you apart from many of your peers, showing employers that you are adaptable, possess a sense of adventure and are willing to try new things.

You have the option to study abroad during your time here with all of our programmes. If you wish to study Theoretical Physics with Mathematics Abroad you should select Theoretical Physics with Mathematics (Study Abroad). If you wish to take any of our other courses you should select the MPhys Physics (Study Abroad) degree scheme and let us know in your personal statement. For both degree schemes, you will spend your third year studying at one of our partner universities, taking modules equivalent to those that you would have taken at Lancaster. In addition, you may also have the option of choosing topics not delivered at Lancaster.  

During your time in Lancaster, you will study the same modules as physics students who have not opted to study abroad. This ensures that you receive the benefits of a degree from a top UK Physics Department, whilst having the amazing opportunity to spend your third year in a complementary learning environment abroad.

You will be asked to submit a list of your preferred universities to our International Office by the end of the Autumn term, who will guide you through the application process. You will be allocated a place by mid-January and will have a point of contact, together with your Departmental Study Advisor, when you are abroad. For more information, please email us.


Monica Wright

“Experiencing a different style of teaching in a different system of education has helped me to understand how I learn best, which is a really important thing to discover about yourself.”

Thomas Stratton

"Spending a year at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, was one of the best parts of my degree. It meant I got to experience Canadian culture first hand: going to ice hockey games, getting a feel for how the locals live and think, and eating bacon with maple syrup."

Paul Wileman

“From snowstorms to shark sandwiches, I experienced more than I expected to during my time abroad. It's great to see somewhere different and make new friends. The year just kept getting more fun and was even better than I thought it would be!”

Elliott Bessell

“The study abroad programme was the most amazing experience, and I cannot recommend it enough! The chance to live and study in a different country provides lots of new skills, and most importantly was a lot of fun! Lancaster also gave lots of advice and help to make it easy to undertake the study abroad adventure!”

Alexander Booth

"My third year was spent at the University of Illinois, where I was lucky enough to experience a very different way of life and learning. I was able to secure a work placement with Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago where I begin the next chapter in my studies."

Example destinations

These are just some of the universities Lancaster students may be visiting in 2019/20. Universities that participate in the scheme can vary and will depend on your course of study.

Nanyang Technological University

Michigan State University

Texas A&M University

Victoria University of Wellington

University of British Columbia

University of Iowa