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About Me

I am currently an MRes student on the STOR-i (Statistics and Operational Research in Partnership with Industry) programme at Lancaster University. I graduated from Durham University in the summer of 2015 with a undergraduate Masters of Mathematics. My final year project was entitled 'Rainfall Run-off models: Uncertainty Analysis' (Poster). This involved exploring a variety of model structures within a hydrological framework and applying them to rainfall data from the Pontbren catchment in Wales. As part of the project I developed a Metropolis Hastings algorithm for finding the posterior distribution of the model parameters and identified the influential parameters for the catchment in question. The Pontbren project was a land management approach started by farmers in the Pontbren region which attracted scientific research after it was shown to reduce water run off. More information on the Pontbren project can be found here).

I n the summer of 2014 I took part in the STOR-i internship. At the time I was already fairly certain I would do a PhD and I wanted a career which would make a positive impact in the 'real world'. The STOR-i internship showed me how I could achieve both and made me certain of my decision to do research. I was immediately immersed into the friendly and social atmosphere and I realised this was exactly the research environment I wanted to work in. My internship project involved modelling economic data in South west Germany using spatial modelling and was supervised by Christian Rohrbeck (Poster). I incorporated the spatial dependency of the data into the model using additive spatial random effects. Then I used Metropolis-Hastings within Gibbs sampling to find estimates for the parameters of the spatial model. I would be interested in further exploring spatial statistics and how it can be applied to a variety of problems. I am passionate about using my skills to make an impact, in particular in environmental and social issues, and I believe STOR-is links to industry are a great opportunity to pursue this.

I am originally from Bury, Lancashire which is a town near Manchester famous for black puddings and is the birthplace of Sir Robert Peel. Outside of my studies my main hobby is folk dancing, I regularly attend ceilidhs and contra dances and I am a member of Durham Folk Society and Lancaster Folk Society. To give an idea of the type of dancing I do see the youtube video. I know some basic German and am trying to continue learning. I fell in love with the language after travelling around Europe and listening to German and Austrian music. One of my favourite things to do is walking in the countryside enjoying nature, I particularly adore the Austrian and Swiss Alps. I am fascinated by it's complexity and the challenge of incorporating this to some extent in statistical analysis. I am also trying to learn to play the violin.