About Us


The Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion (PPR) was formed in 2010, merging the old departments of Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Each of these departments had an excellent reputation for teaching and research within their specific disciplines, a reputation that continues within PPR (in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018, Politics/IR is ranked 8th in the UK, Philosophy 5th, and Religious Studies 3rd).

The new department not only allows researchers and students to continue to engage in subject-specific teaching, learning and research, but also to engage with a range of topics and problems of great contemporary importance that benefit from an interdisciplinary approach. For example: problems of religion and conflict, diplomacy, terrorism, health, well-being and human rights.

By choosing to study in PPR you will be joining a vibrant, international community based in the thriving Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University (both the Department and Faculty are highly ranked nationally and internationally).

Members of the Department are deeply committed to both teaching and research. All staff are engaged in both activities. We believe that students learn best when their teachers are the people who write the books which are shaping the discipline, and that research benefits from being tested out in the classroom. The department is large enough to cover key areas, and specialist options, within each subject area but small enough to provide a friendly and engaging environment within which to study and do research.

The Department offers a broad range of challenging and engaging undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, and opportunities for postgraduate research in the subject areas of Politics and International Relations, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.