10 October 2019
Four departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have received an Athena SWAN Bronze Award, recognising their work in advancing gender equality.

The four departments to receive Athena SWAN Bronze Awards are:

  • English Literature & Creative Writing
  • Language & Cultures
  • Politics, Philosophy & Religion
  • Sociology

These departments join LICA, which received an Athena SWAN Bronze Award in May 2019.

Michael Hughes, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences said: “Many colleagues in our faculty research and teach past and present issues surrounding equality and diversity. Therefore, we should aim to lead from the front in ensuring equality in our workplace too. On behalf of the faculty, we are pleased that our efforts to advance gender equality at Lancaster have been recognised in this way. There is more work to do, but today these awards are something to be proud of.”

The Athena SWAN Charter was formed in 2005 to challenge the under-representation and inequalities of women within science at higher education and research levels. More recently, in 2015, it was broadened to include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law, as well as looking at issues around gender equality more widely.

For more information about Lancaster University’s work on gender equality and the Athena SWAN awards see lancaster.ac.uk/edi/diversity-groups/gender-equality