Religious Studies Masters Degrees

The department offers a range of opportunity for postgraduate study in the area of Religious Studies, including opportunities for interdisciplinary study with other subjects in the department.

Students who take a Masters degree in Religious Studies come from a variety of backgrounds with many diverse interests. Some may have recently graduated from BA programmes in religion or theology, or from other subjects within the humanities and social sciences, and are keen to study aspects of religion in some depth. Some may have taken a break from their chosen profession to pursue their interest in religion as a global phenomenon, or have an interest in one or more religious traditions. Others use the MA as ideal preparation for a postgraduate research degree (i.e, for the MPhil or PhD degrees).

The programmes start in October and (for full-time students) run to the end of September in the following year. Students take a combination of core and elective modules.


Religious Studies Degrees

Interdisciplinary Degrees