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We warmly welcome any enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (MPhil/PhD). We normally require you to have an MA or equivalent qualification. Direct applications are welcomed in any of the following areas.

I am interested in supervising research proposals in the following areas : Sovereignty and legitimacy in the Middle East, construction of masculinism and natioanlism in the Arab world, roots of sectarianism in Arab societies, women rights and state-building in the Arab world.

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Political Theory; Enlightenment Thought; Democracy; Public Administration;E democracy; Engaged Government

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I would be happy to supervise doctoral students working in the following areas - Hinduism, Indian Buddhism, Indian philosophy, Hindu ethics, Buddhist ethics, comparative philosophy, Indian secularism, gender and South Asian religions, religion and narrative in South Asia.

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Asia-Pacific regional politics; international relations Chinese politics and foreign policy; Chinese Communist Party history; Chinese internet; public opinion

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The philosophy of autobiography. The good life. The self. The philosophy of war. The philosophy of work and the workplace. The philosophy of David Hume. The philosophy of John Stuart Mill. Literary form in philosophy.

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Philosophy of science and medicine.

Especially philosophy of psychiatry; the nature of disease; metaphysics and epistemology of medicine; classification in science.

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I'm open to supervising research students in the following areas: religion and modern society, sociology of religion, new and nonmainstream religiosity and contemporary Christianity.

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Border and migration policy, critical migration studies, human rights, citizenship and non-citizenship in the European Union, securitization and the governance of borders.

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UK Politics, in the following categories:

Political parties

Political ideology, particularly conservatism

Political culture

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Philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, psychoanalysis, Ryle, Austin, Dennett

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I am happy to supervise projects related to my field of research (c.f. above), notably on maritime/naval affairs; ocean governance; the concept of seapower; climate change and maritime security; IR theories in a cross-disciplinary setting. I am open to inter/cross-disciplinary projects including (but not limited to) international relations, political science, security studies, history, human geography, corpus linguistics, and marine science.

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He is interested in supervising PhD students in the following broad areas:

- European Union politics and policy

-Social and health policy

-International Political Economy

-Complexity, politics and public policy

-Scandinavian politics and policy

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The politics of social movements, civil society, NGOs, trade unions in the UK, Syria, Argentina, Ecuador, Kenya and South Africa.

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Gavin Hyman welcomes research proposals in the following areas, broadly conceived: Christian studies: theological, philosophical and historical approaches; Philosophy and religious thought; Postmodernism, theology and ethics; Continental philosophy; Religion and Psychoanalytic Thought.

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I welcome potential doctoral students in the following research areas: Christian Theology, Recent trends in World Christianity, Globalisation and Christianity, Contextual and Practical Theology, Issues of Immigration and Diaspora in Christianity, Christianity: Tradition and Transformations, Dalit Studies, Postcolonial Approaches in Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology, Liberation Theologies, Christianity and other Religions, Religion and Politics in South Asia, Anthropology of Christianity

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US politics -- especially the politics of race, elections, representation, American Political Development

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Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Japan; Buddhist issues in the contemporary world; Buddhist nuns and female monasticism; Buddhism and the political process; spiritual well-being and the application of mindfulness in Asian societies; anthropology of Buddhism

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Potential Doctoral Proposals

I have supervised over thirty research students on a wide variety of subjects, including sociology of religion, religion, place and space, modern Hindu movements, religion and public life, gender and religion, religion and violence, and religious identities. At present I supervise students working on non/religious discourse, internal migration and religion in Turkey, the roles of family and gender in terrorism, utopian movements, and liturgical change.

I welcome applications from potential doctoral candidates researching religious and secular relationships; religion, diasporas and migration; Hindu and Sikh diaspora communities; media and religion; ideologies and security threats; and from those wishing to apply spatial approaches to studying religion.

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Critical security studies
European social theory
Digital geo-politics

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EU foreign policy towards its neighbourhood, EU-Russia Relations

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I am interested in supervising projects on the following areas: International Relations of the Middle East, Sovereignty - and its challenges - in the Middle East, Irredentism, Political Violence, religion and the state, Political Islam, Securitisation in the MENA region, and legitimacy.

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The nature of consent; the nature and limits of informed consent (in medical ethics and elsewhere); consent and organ donation policy; adolescent consent; consent to uses of personal information; biobank consent policy; sexual consent; deception and consent; other topics in the ethics of communication.

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I would be happy to collaborate with students in the following areas: terrorism and political violence with a particular focus on militant Islamism and religious nationalism; 'radicalisation' and the psychological and sociological processes associated with involvement in violent politics; social movements, activism and protest, in particular the role of ideology and identity in political contention.

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International Political Economy, Rule of Law, global corporations, new technologies, critiques of economics

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I welcome promising committed research students with original and innovative ideas in any of these broad areas:
- Radical Nationalism
- Religious Extremism
- Political Violence
- Conflict Management in Divided Societies

Current PhD Supervision:

Rahaf Aldoughli: 'Gender and Nationalism in Lebanon.'
Vincent Hejirika: 'Political Economy of Conflict in the Niger Delta.'
Nawar Kassomeh: 'Shi'a and Sectarian Identity formation in Pakistan.'
Dala Mohammad: 'Nigerian Peace Keeping and Foreign Policy.'
Mona Abdel Rahman: 'Media and Conflict in Egypt.'
David Suntha: 'Rescuing Failed States.'

Completed Doctoral Project:

Jonathan Ajere : 'Regional Actors as Peacemakers: Exploring the role of Nigeria in intra-state conflicts in Africa'.
Azrul Anaz : 'Politics of Multiculturalism and Nation Building in Malaysia'.
Yinka Olomojobi : 'Muslims, Minorities, and Conflict '.
Beth Rempe: 'Elite Intervention & Northern Ireland Peace Process'.

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Qur'anic commentary (Tafsir)

Modern Interpretation of the Qur'an

Islamic Ritual Jurisprudence

Muslims in Britain

Gender and Islam

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I am interested in supervising doctoral candidates in the following broad areas:
- Chinese politics, philosophy and international relations
- East Asian international relations
- Cultural governance
- Continental philosophy and poststructuralist thought
- Concepts of time, space and multiplicity in international relations
- The politics of mega events
- Censorship and resistance, particularly online
- Language and authority
- Harmony

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Depending on the project, I would be happy to supervise doctoral research in the following areas: drugs and culture; modern occultism; popular music; countercultures since the 1960s.

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Indian Philosophy - classical and modern, especially in: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, consciousness studies

Comparative Philosophy, especially Indian and Western: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, consciousness studies,and political thought

Comparative Hindu and Christian theology


Indian Buddhism

Religion and politics: South Asia, and comparative studies

Indian diaspora

Multiculturalism and British society

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European Union politics; Political parties and elections; European Parliament

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Feminist philosophy

German Idealism and Romanticism

nineteenth-century German philosophy

twentieth-century Continental philosophy

French feminism


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Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, Metaethics.

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Philosophy of mind, especially perception; ethical theory, especially expressivism; metaphysics, especially the nature of events and causation; theory of knowledge and philosophy of science, especially underdetermination, scepticism and the nature of belief; philosophy of language, especially the nature of truth; early modern philosophy, especially Locke and Kant.

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Human Reproduction - ethics and regulation of
Organ Donation - ethics and regulation of

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I have research interests across normative ethics, political theory and applied ethics (especially public health). I would be glad to hear from potential doctoral students considering research on Kant's practical philosophy, Hannah Arendt, the political theory of corporations (business or otherwise), the philosophy of responsibility, and public health (especially in the areas of food and noncommunicable disease).

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In the areas of religion and nonreligion; new spiritualities; contemporary Christianity; values and beliefs; gods, spirits and powers (religious and secular).

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• China’s domestic politics • China’s international politics • EU-China relations, US-China relations, China-Africa relations • East Asian politics

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