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We warmly welcome any enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (MPhil/PhD). We normally require you to have an MA or equivalent qualification. Direct applications are welcomed in any of the following areas.

In the broad areas of migration, social movements, civil society, NGOs, foreign aid, trade unions.

Specific areas might include:

Working conditions and/or trade union mobilization among low paid migrant workers in the UK

Social movements in Argentina/Latin America or migration to and from Argentina/Latin America

Foreign aid and civil society and/or NGOs in Kenya, Uganda or South Africa

Julie has supervised Michael Dzeamesi 'Chronic Refugee Crises and the Implications for Inter-state and International Relations: The Case of the Liberian Refugee Situation in Ghana' (2007).

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Gavin Hyman welcomes research proposals in the following areas, broadly conceived: Christian studies: theological, philosophical and historical approaches; Philosophy and religious thought; Postmodernism, theology and ethics; Continental philosophy; Religion and Psychoanalytic Thought.

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