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We warmly welcome any enquiries from appropriately qualified applicants who are keen to register for doctoral research (MPhil/PhD). We normally require you to have an MA or equivalent qualification. Direct applications are welcomed in any of the following areas.

EU foreign policy towards its neighbourhood, EU-Russia Relations

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I am interested in supervising projects on the following areas: International Relations of the Middle East, Sovereignty - and its challenges - in the Middle East, Irredentism, Political Violence, religion and the state, Political Islam, Securitisation in the MENA region, and legitimacy.

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The nature of consent; the nature and limits of informed consent (in medical ethics and elsewhere); consent and organ donation policy; adolescent consent; consent to uses of personal information; biobank consent policy; sexual consent; deception and consent; other topics in the ethics of communication.

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I would be happy to collaborate with students in the following areas: terrorism and political violence with a particular focus on militant Islamism and religious nationalism; 'radicalisation' and the psychological and sociological processes associated with involvement in violent politics; social movements, activism and protest, in particular the role of ideology and identity in political contention. I am currently working with the following PhD Candidates: Susie Ballentyne: co-supervision with Psychology; Sarah Green: co-supervision with Law; James Lewis: ESRC funded; Samantha McGarry: Faculty funded; and Rosamund Mutton: ESRC/CREST funded.

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International Political Economy, Rule of Law, global corporations, new technologies, critiques of economics

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I welcome promising committed research students with original and innovative ideas in any of these broad areas:
- Radical Nationalism
- Religious Extremism
- Political Violence
- Conflict Management in Divided Societies

Current PhD Supervision:

Rahaf Aldoughli: 'Gender and Nationalism in Lebanon.'
Vincent Hejirika: 'Political Economy of Conflict in the Niger Delta.'
Nawar Kassomeh: 'Shi'a and Sectarian Identity formation in Pakistan.'
Dala Mohammad: 'Nigerian Peace Keeping and Foreign Policy.'
Mona Abdel Rahman: 'Media and Conflict in Egypt.'
David Suntha: 'Rescuing Failed States.'

Completed Doctoral Project:

Jonathan Ajere : 'Regional Actors as Peacemakers: Exploring the role of Nigeria in intra-state conflicts in Africa'.
Azrul Anaz : 'Politics of Multiculturalism and Nation Building in Malaysia'.
Yinka Olomojobi : 'Muslims, Minorities, and Conflict '.
Beth Rempe: 'Elite Intervention & Northern Ireland Peace Process'.

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