Politics and Religion

Through this research, Politics, Philosophy and Religion is helping to

  • Improve mutual understanding and relationships between state officials and religious groups
  • Improve policies for promoting peace and security
  • Improve public appreciation of the role of religion in public life

In this area staff work on

  • The ideological and imaginary, including religious, dimensions of global insecurities and violent conflicts
  • Security and peace-building
  • Democracy, religion, capacity-building and development
  • Religion and public life
  • Diaspora, migration and borders

Issues on which we have worked include: the contribution that diaspora groups can make to peace; EU policy on unrecognised states; human rights issues relating to religion in Japan; the relation between religions and political violence; and new security technologies.

Richardson Institute

In this area many of our staff are linked with the Richardson Institute, which works with many governmental and non-governmental agencies that promote peace and conflict resolution.

Current and previous collaborators include:

  • the European Parliament Sub-Committee on Security and Defence
  • EU Institute for Security Studies
  • Demos
  • the Foreign Policy Centre
  • the EC Initiative for Peacebuilding
  • the Ministry of Defence
  • Human Rights Without Frontiers
  • US Institute of Peace
  • the Refugee Council
  • the Royal United Services Industry (RUSI)
  • Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA)

Radicalisation Research

PPR is also home to Radicalisation Research, a platform for disseminating religion research to policymakers and non-HEI users.

Security Lancaster

Some PPR staff are linked to Archived Site, which works with many non-HEI organisations in security and protection.

Our staff are regularly consulted about peace and security related issues by government officials – these have included the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, Department of Communities and Local Govt., the MOD Strategic Trends Unit, Public Safety Canada, and the House of Lords.