What Will You Study

How do you encourage an economy to grow? Should governments intervene in the market? What impact does war have on the global economy? An understanding of economics and international relations gets to the heart of how the world works. It’s also highly prized by employers in the private and public sectors.

With a focus on China, Russia and India, you will learn from some of the field’s top academics. International Relations is taught within the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion , which strongly believes in using its research throughout its teaching.

All first years study the Principles of Economics. You will also study International Relations.

In your second year, you’ll be able to choose whether you take modules with a more intuitive approach, or those that are focused more on analysis, mathematics and statistics. Subjects include Game Theory, Modern Political Thought, Applied Economics and The Politics of Development.

Your final year includes options such as Sports Economics, Islamic Politics, Advanced Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, and Human Rights. High-performing students also have the opportunity to write a dissertation.

By looking at theories and real-world issues, you will gain analytical skills and an international perspective to make you stand out in the job market. Former graduates now work in the civil service and local government. A large number opt for private sector roles in industries such as finance, accountancy and law.