What Will You Study

Should firms in certain markets be allowed to merge? Are recent pension reforms a good idea? What are the effects of immigration? Studying Economics and Politics together gets to the heart of how government, business and society interact.

This combined degree trains you to analyse issues and concerns using the latest techniques and technology. Our approach is to apply your learning to real-world issues.

All first years study the Principles of Economics. You can continue with a more mathematical and statistical focus, or select modules with a more intuitive approach. You will also learn about Politics in the Modern World.

In the second year, you can choose options to suit your aspirations from Game Theory to Economic Policy, Modern Political Thought to Microeconomics. You can continue to tailor your studies in your final year as well. You are free to select from topics such as Health Economics, International Trade, Contemporary Issues in the Middle East and more. High-performing students also have the chance to write a dissertation.

A strong knowledge of economics and politics, plus analytical and practical expertise puts our graduates in a strong position in the job market. Many go on to roles in banking, finance, accounting, government and advertising.