What Will You Study

Two of our departments join forces to teach this fascinating degree. You’ll be taught by one of the country’s largest Linguistics and English Language department and an English Literature department which has a cutting-edge approach to literary study. You’ll study a broad range of literature while at the same time you will uncover the secrets contained within the language used to write them. Studying the sound, grammar and meaning systems of language means your appreciation and understanding of texts will be enhanced.

The mixture of English Literature and Linguistics topics is evenly balanced. The degree starts with the core elements of English Literature and Linguistics, while in the second year you’ll move on to more specialised modules.

In your final year, you’ll be able to pursue the topics that intrigue you the most. You could choose from modules such as a dissertation, Cognitive Linguistics, Contemporary Middle Eastern Literatures, Shakespeare, and many other fascinating topics.

You’ll have regular meetings with your academic advisor and the opportunity to join our student societies which bring together students with a shared interest in writing, literature, and language.

Your degree opens doors to jobs in speech therapy and language technology. You will be encouraged to develop your analytical and investigative skills, which are valued by employers such as law firms, management consultancies and the media. Linguistic awareness is a real boost when working for international and multicultural companies and organisations.