What Will You Study

Financial mathematicians are interested in making good decisions in the face of uncertainty. Through our rigorous Masters programme, you will develop advanced skills and knowledge to become a major decision maker and influencer in your chosen career.

Financial maths is about learning to interpret and manipulate data to draw valuable conclusions and make predictions. This is particularly important in business and finance, but the skills gained from this programme are widely applicable and highly sought after. Over the first three years, you will be able to draw on expertise from three specialist departments: Mathematics and Statistics; Accounting and Finance; and Economics. Studying at Masters-level, you will gain an advanced understanding of the discipline and will develop a greater breadth and depth of financial and mathematical expertise.

During your first year, you will build on your previous knowledge and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts. Modules cover a wide range of topics from calculus, probability and statistics to logic, proofs and theorems. As well as developing your technical knowledge and mathematical skills, you will also enhance your data analysis, problem-solving and quantitative reasoning skills. During this year, you will also receive an introduction to accounting and finance, which will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques of the discipline, including financial accounting, managerial finance, and financial statement analysis.

In the second year, you will further develop your knowledge in analysis, probability and statistics. During this year, you will also begin to explore advanced finance and will benefit from modules in economics at managerial level. These will provide you with insight into micro and macroeconomics, and their related issues. You will develop real-world knowledge and experience by applying your analytical skills, interpreting events and evaluating policies. This will be instrumental in developing a career related to banking, finance, international payments and exchange rates, and monetary policy.

During your third year, you will delve deeper into the theory of probability and will explore the concept of statistical inference. Alongside this, you will gain valuable industry and employability skills through a dedicated careers-focused module. This final year will also be highly customisable, allowing you to select from a range of modules to suit your own interests and career aspirations.

In the fourth year, you will benefit from expertise from a fourth specialist department, Management Science. This year will offer you advanced modules in financial maths, which will enhance your existing skills, allow you to gain new ones, and develop a greater level of knowledge in the discipline. You will also benefit from a wide range of optional modules, which can allow you to drive your study towards a specific industry, or enhance your skill set more generally. In addition, you will complete a substantial research project, which will give you the opportunity to put everything you have learnt into practice, and will provide you with valuable insight into real-world projects.