Our graduate prospects are amongst the best in the country. Here’s why.

Lancaster University is 128th out of more than 1,000 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2020.

In addition to providing students with world- class degrees, PPR and Lancaster University offer a wide range of support for preparing students for life after university.

Developing your potential through a PPR degree

All PPR programmes offer students the opportunity to develop their skills and experience with a range of different employment paths in mind. As a PPR student, you will be allocated an academic tutor, who will offer you regular one-to-one guidance on developing and recording the transferable skills and experience that will make you highly employable after your degree. All our modules are developed with such skills-building in mind.

You will also have the option to integrate work experience into your academic work, particularly through our Active Research dissertation modules that involve an explicit element of field studies or external collaboration.

You can also gain work experience as part of your degree through our school placement module, or through fieldwork abroad, for example in India or China.

We regularly hold career guidance workshops specifically geared to students of each of our core subjects.

Our department’s dedicated careers tutor offers individual advice on how to plan ahead and make the most of the opportunities we offer.

Finding and funding high quality work experience

Based within PPR, the Richardson Institute is committed to undertaking cutting-edge research as well as outreach activities with the aim of contributing to the University's excellence as a leading research and knowledge transfer institution in Britain. The Richardson Institute Internship Programme offers over 60 internships a year for PPR students. Through these internships, undergraduates and postgraduates undertake research projects for external organisations. Research themes include Religion and Borders, and Religion and Conflict Situations.

Within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, we support students on a one-to-one basis through our dedicated FASS Enterprise Centre, which works to harness and grow the great potential that exists for our members to make a real difference in the wider community. The centre provides and funds placements that give our students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and local companies and not-for-profit organisations access to the skills and knowledge of our undergraduates and postgraduates. Our Knowledge Exchange Awards are designed to give undergraduate students the chance to get involved with community groups and to develop independent projects which encourage and facilitate knowledge exchange. Through the centre, students can also get individual support from our NGO in Residence and our Entrepreneur in Residence.

Lancaster also has one of the largest enterprise and volunteering programmes in the country, with opportunities to volunteer abroad. Why not join a Community Volunteering Programme, encourage others to Go Green, or join in the making of radio, TV and politics through our thriving student community?

Understanding and communicating your abilities

The University's Careers Centre offers one-on-one advice on careers development, mediates opportunities for work experience, and can link you up with a personal mentor in industry. It offers a number of workshops and events to help students apply for jobs.

The The Lancaster Award helps to ensure that our graduates are prepared and perform well in the increasingly competitive job market. The Award can help you stand out from the crowd, by encouraging you to participate fully in University life, gain work experience and develop your employability skills.

During your time at Lancaster, you will have abundant opportunities to work with us as a mentor, campus tour guide, student ambassador, or in one of our other job opportunities at Lancaster.

FASS Placement Scheme

We are very pleased to introduce our new four year degrees where you will spend year three on a work placement. The experience should boost your employment prospects and help you to decide on your career direction and the kind of organisation in which you want to work once you graduate. Through our placements office we will support you with your applications to find a placement that really suits you and where you will flourish and professionally develop.

Whatever your role and whoever your employer, you will be doing a real, responsible job – with all the satisfaction that brings. You’ll be paid a salary and you’ll also remain a Lancaster University student and thus still eligible for a student loan and other benefits. You will be fully supported by university staff throughout your placement and you will complete preparatory and reflective modules that will connect your placement to the wider degree programme. Upon your return you should appreciate far better the connections between theory and practice and it’s very likely that your final-year studies will be stronger as a result. This is an exciting opportunity to build up experience and transferable skills, as well as make contacts with potential employers.

While a placement role may not be available in a field or organisation that is directly related to your academic studies, all placement roles offer valuable experience of working at a graduate level and gaining a range of professional skills.

If you are unsuccessful in securing a suitable placement for your third year, you will be able to transfer to the equivalent non-placement degree scheme and would continue with your studies at Lancaster in your third year. The university offers a range of shorter placement and internship opportunities which you would be welcome to apply for.