Course Modules

Part I Module

The philosophy Part I course, PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy, (first year) takes place over three terms and has two one-hour lectures per week. In addition, everyone joins a small discussion group (seminar). Each group meets for an hour once a week with a tutor. Lectures are meant to introduce you to a range of philosophical topics and to give you guidance and direction. For each weekly seminar students are typically required to read an article or book chapter which forms the basis for the small group discussion. This is your opportunity to practise explaining your ideas to others and listening to what have to say. You will also be given guidance about what else you should be reading on top of your 'core' readings.

The first year Philosophy course is divided into five sections:

  1. Knowledge and Reality
  2. The Moral Philosophy of J. S. Mill
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Freedom of the Will
  5. Death, the Good Life, and the Self

There are written coursework assignments during the first two terms, and an exam in the summer. Your first year mark is made up of 50 % coursework and 50% exam.

The Part One Director of Studies is Nick Unwin.

Single Major Degrees Part II Modules

The second and third year of study is known as "Part II". Students choose from a range of modules in their subject. For details of Part II modules for the degree schemes that interest you, please use the links below: