What Will You Study

Our Philosophy degree allows you to study and debate important philosophical questions with academics in the field and your peers, such as: How should we live? Is there a God? Are we free to act as we wish if everything is determined by prior causes? Why should we obey the law? Are goodness and beauty objective features of reality? Can science discover all the facts that can be known?

These are some of the many challenging questions you will engage with in a Philosophy degree. At Lancaster, we approach these through contemporary philosophical debate, through engaging with important figures in the history of philosophy –such as Plato, Descartes, Kant and Nietzsche – and via Continental, Analytic, and non-Western philosophical traditions.

In your first year, you’ll have the opportunity to gain an understanding of some of the core areas of Philosophy by taking the core module ‘Introduction to Philosophy: knowledge and reality’. You will also be strongly encouraged to take the complementary module ‘Moral and Political Philosophy’. In your second and third years, you will be able to choose from a broad range of philosophy modules, including for example: ‘Continental Philosophy; Logic and Language; Aesthetics; Moral Philosophy’. For more modules please see the Politics, Philosophy and Religion department website. There is also the option to engage in one-to-one study with a member of academic staff for your third year dissertation on a specific philosophical topic of interest to you.