Politics and International Relations

Course Modules

Part I Module

The Part I module is POLI 100: Understanding Politics and Governance. This is a 48 lecture 24 week course. Students will receive 2 lectures per week and a seminar. The course is divided into two sections that are related through an emphasis on history and political concepts. The first term revolves around history and will provide students with the historical learning and conceptual vocabulary essential to appreciating the interplay between national and international contexts, especially in relation to the development of liberal democracy. The second term concentrates on the historical development of the international system from the Cold War to the making of the modern world in the twentieth-first century with emphases on global production and global governance as well as on war and security.

This course will provide students with an interesting (though not exhaustive) range of events and concepts that help to question, examine, and explain the nature of politics and governance in the 20th and 21st Centuries. Given the range of issues involved, the lectures are designed to allow for broad reflections that can be applied to various topics.

The Part One Director of Studies is Christopher May & Christopher Macleod

Single Majors Degrees Part II Modules

The second and third year of study is known as "Part II". Students choose from a range of modules in their subject. For details of Part II modules for the degree schemes that interest you, please use the links below:


* The BA Politics (Study Abroad) degree scheme is exactly the same as the BA Politics degree, but applicants have indicated that they want to study abroad in their second year of study.


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