Politics and International Relations

Entry Requirements

It is useful for an applicant to have taken Politics, Economics or History at A-level, as a preliminary to the study of politics at Lancaster, but we do not make this a prerequisite. We are more concerned that applicants should show a good level of interest and ability in whatever subjects they have studied. The overlap between A-level Politics and our Part I courses is small.

Our standard entry requirement for the Politics and International Relations Majors (L200, L201, L250) and joint majors (e.g., PPE) is AAB-ABB, depending on the particular circumstances of individual applicants.

In some circumstances, one (but only one) of these grades may be achieved from the average of two AS-level grades, one of which should have been taken in year 13, with each contributory grade in a different subject (this will be specified in your UCAS offer if it applies). We treat the A-level in General Studies as equivalent in standing to any other A-level.

The standard requirement is intended for straightforward cases. We may vary offers according to, for example, the academic record, circumstances and intellectual interests of the applicant, full account being taken of the referee's report on the UCAS application.