Politics and International Relations

Teaching and Assessment

Teaching Methods

In Part I teaching is by lectures (2 one hour lectures per week) plus a 1 hour seminar per week focused on specific readings or tasks related to the lecture topics of that week.

At Part II, most Politics and International Relations modules involve a one and a half hour lecture and a one hour seminar of up to 15 students per week. The seminars are discussion based and generally focused on examining the lecture material and a specific text in detail.

Most lecturers put their lectures and/or material relevant to their lectures on module web pages for easy accessibility.

Most third year student write a 5,000 dissertation. This involves independent research on a topic in Politics and International Relations with regular meetings with a member of academic staff.


Assessment in Part I is by coursework assignments (2 per term in Michaelmas and Lent, equivalent to a 1,500 word essay) plus a three hour exam in the Summer term. Coursework is worth 40 per cent of the overall mark, the exam is worth 60 per cent.

Assessment in Part II is generally by coursework consisting of two essays of 2,500 words each - one per term - and a three-hour exam in the summer term. Coursework is worth 40% of the overall mark, the exam is worth 60%.