COVID-19 frequently asked questions

There have been lots of changes to the way we do things since COVID-19 arrived early this year. The Centre closed in the earlier stages as required by law and right now we are just happy to be back! 

As we've been getting lots of questions from parents, we created a list of the most common ones to help clear things up a little.

Because the circumstances around the virus are so fast-paced at the moment, it may not  be possible to update the information on the wider website immediately. Our FAQs below will be updated regularly to reflect the current processes and policies so please make sure you read through them each time you visit the site. 


  • How will you be managing social distancing requirements?

    Please see below information regarding drop off/ collection periods for your child/children. We intend to keep these under review and your co-operation will be required to ensure this remains a viable option moving forward.

    At peak times in order to maintain appropriate social distancing we are requesting that parents drop off/pick up throughout the time-frame allocation available, to alleviate congestion and follow the one-way systems/signage in place.

    Morning Drop off between

    Morning Collection between

    Afternoon Drop off between

    Afternoon Collection between

    8.45– 10.00


    1.15 -1.45


    We further request the following:

    • Only one parent who is symptom free will drop off/collect their child
    • Parents will maintain social distancing at all times
    • Parents will drop off/collect children between the designated times, in the designated   areas
    • Parents will follow the designated route’s and signage 
    • Parents will not enter the building, unless requested to do so by a member of staff


    Hand sanitisation stations are available at each entrance point, please do use them. For parents accessing via the main doors we would encourage you to wear a facemask.

    It is recognised that social distancing will be impossible for our children to maintain. As per the latest government guidance we will minimise mixing within the Centre by not mixing groups of children from different rooms and by maintaining consistent staffing in each room as much as possible. Staff are consciously aware of the need to retain the integrity of the room bubbles.

  • How are you managing access to the Pre-School Centre?

    No staff member who has COVID-19 symptoms, (or who has a member of their family displaying symptoms) will be admitted into the Centre until they have either completed self-isolation in line with government guidance or have had a test and tested negative. 

    Non-essential visitors are not permitted at the Centre.

  • Will staff be wearing PPE such as masks?

    Staff will wear PPE if a child becomes unwell during the day and needs to go into the Isolation room, Rainbow room.

  • What additional cleaning and hygiene processes are you putting in place?

    Good Hygiene practices are paramount in lowering risk we will therefore undertake the following with the children

     Handwashing will take place:

    1. Upon arrival
    2. After toileting
    3. After sneezing, coughing, wiping of nose
    4. Before and after snack/meals
    5. Prior to leaving at the end of the day


    Handwashing will be supervised and role modelled to ensure hands are washed for 20 seconds with soap and water and the paper towel dispose of correctly.

    Alcohol-based hand sanitiser will be available for times soap and water is not easily accessed.

    Hygiene and Cleaning Practices

    Public Health England advises that children and staff should be encouraged to catch sneezes with a tissue, bin the tissue and wash their hands. We will therefore continue to use and promote Catch it Bin it, Kill it campaign with the children through the use of our Sneeze Stations.

    We will remind everyone that they should try not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.


    Equipment and hard surfaces will be cleaned throughout the sessions, this includes door handles and other high contact points.

    The Pre-School building will be chemically sanitised weekly until further notice.

    Table and Chairs will be cleaned regularly through the day using Esteem and before every meal/snack time.

    Equipment will be cleaned after use ideally in a dishwasher /washing machine. Where this is not possible resources will be quarantined after use for 72 hours.

    Spillages of blood and other bodily fluids will be cleaned up immediately wearing appropriate PPE

    Bathrooms, toilets and changing areas will be cleaned during each session, with bins emptied regularly.

    Cutlery, cups, plates etc will be single use and not shared.

    Items that come into contact with mouths such as bottles and dummies will be clearly labelled, sterilised and stored for the use of the individual child. Where possible the use of dummies will be discouraged.

    Bedding will not be shared and bed/mats will be cleaned after each use. Where possible distancing of sleep mats will be instigated.

    Laundry will be undertaken in line with NHS guidelines

  • What happens if you have a symptomatic child or adult?

    Children and adults will only be admitted into the Centre if they are not displaying symptoms.

    Staff must advise a senior member of the team in the event that they, a member of their household or a contact is displaying or has tested positive for Covid 19

    If during the session a child is exhibiting symptoms, they will be accompanied to the Rainbow room until they are collected. Staff will be provided with the correct PPE as per government guidance. Following use the room will be cleaned thoroughly, and the staff member advised to wash and wear spare uniform.

    Self-isolation will be necessary for a 10-day period, fellow household members will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

    Where the child or staff member tests negative, they can return.

    Where the child or staff member tests positive the rest of the Bubble within the Centre will be sent home and advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

    Parents will not send children to the Centre if they have administered Calpol/Nurofen type medicine within the last 5 hours as this may mask the symptoms of Covid 19.

  • How will I communicate with my child’s key person?

    Staff will predominantly communicate with you via ParentZone/iConnect and Telephone calls.

    In the event you need to submit an existing injury form these are available on the Pre-School Centre website under Useful Information link. Submitted forms will be printed and given to the appropriate key person  

    Accident forms will be issued via ParentZone. You will be required to acknowledge receipt of accidents forms using ParentZone as paper copies will not be issued.

    Parents must use Parentzone as the primary communication method.

    Parents must inform the Centre if they / their child or any member of the household is displaying symptoms of the virus and must follow the most up to date NHS guidance on exclusion periods.

  • How will you support children’s understanding of the new measures and practices?

    We are using existing and newly developed additional resources related to our safety Superheroes the Incredabubbles to help children understand the ways in which they can keep themselves safe.

  • What if my child is poorly (not COVID-19 related) do they have to stay away?
  • Will the Pre-School Centre retain its usual opening times?

    The Centre will operate as closely as possible to its usual schedule, but we ask for flexibility around drop off and pick up in order to comply with social distancing.

    It has been necessary to temporarily suspend the 8-15 – 8.45 am sessions and the 5.30 – 6.00 pm sessions for the Autumn term 2020.

  • Have staff undertaken any additional training in relation to Covid 19?

    All staff have undertaken a comprehensive induction upon their return to work.

    Staff have also undertaken Infection control, Covid 19 and dealing with emotional trauma in children online training.

  • Are staff social distancing?

    Staff will maintain social distancing guidelines when feasible to do so. The retention of the existing environments, room bubbles, will facilitate staff social distancing from their colleagues, children will however be able to access both areas of their room.

    Social distancing will be observed during lunch breaks and at the beginning /end of the day.

    Staff will refrain from sharing equipment/stationary/iPads etc

    Where feasible staff are advised to travel to work alone and refrain from accessing public transport.

    Staff will wear clean uniform every day, in some cases if staff are accessing public places prior to work or travelling to work on public transport will change into uniform once at the Centre.

Helping your child to understand COVID-19?

Helping your child understand the virus is important but it can be difficult. We've found a really child friendly PDF that explains the virus and we think it could really help parents and children put this in terms they understand.

We've put together some useful resources and inspiration to help keep your child occupied and aid their development.

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