This page should provide you with all the information you need about Lancaster University's e-tendering system and how to go about submitting a return.

Lancaster University's chosen tendering software is Intend, all invitation to tenders are conducted through this system as well as all communication regarding them. Setting yourself up as a supplier should take 5 minutes, this will then allow you to register an interest in a tender and view all the documents relating to it. Please click here to be taken to our tenders homepage.

For any issues regarding our tenders or Intend please contact the relevant person below:

Emma Tweedie - Facilities Category Manager

Carol Yates - Senior Buyer - Facilities

Margaret Haynes - Buyer - Facilities Support & Catering

Angela Wearden - Senior Buyer - Laboratories & IT

Amanda Fryers - Buyer - Laboratories & IT

Jessica Mottershaw - Senior Buyer - Professional Services

Laura Ross - Trainee Buyer

Linda Wardle - Travel & Insurance

Lynne Wilson - Insurance

Procurement Rules and Regulations

The Procurement Service strives to ensure that the University carries out its commercial dealings in a professional manner delivery quality goods, services and works for the best possible price ensuring that risk is eradicated or reduced wheresoever possible.

The University achieves this, through its policies and procedures which recommend that all transactions are routed correctly through the right channels and are dealt with by professional procurement personnel.

The University's policies and procedures ensure that the right process is adopted to meet our needs depending on the cost of the requirement, where it will be sourced from and whether an existing contract can be utilised. The table below shows the procurement thresholds for the purchase of goods, services and works.