Professional Services

Lancaster's ambition to become a global (top 100) university must be underpinned by excellence in its professional services and related teams.

Mission statement

The mission of the Professional Services is to contribute to the academic success of Lancaster University by enabling it to achieve its priorities in the areas of research, teaching and engagement through the delivery of high quality, efficient and effective services. A set of six value statements underpin the way in which Professional Services operates.

Professional Services

Lancaster's Professional Services are the administrative, technical and manual staff of the University and are located within the central administration and in faculties.

Each Professional Service has its own website:

Professional services in Faculties

Professional service staff in faculties include administrators and technicians based in faculty offices, academic departments, units and centres. The four faculties are:

Services and Leadership Team

The Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Finance lead the Professional Services and are supported by a Professional Services Leadership Team which consists of Directors of Service and senior officers of the University.